Open for Service - Board Members

Open for Service is a registered 501c3 non-profit and supported by a great team of volunteers.  Please feel free to reach out to any of us directly.  Thank you, for being #openforservice


Joshua driver - Founder & Interim president

Joshua started Open for Service in 2015 as a positive response to the Religious Freedom Act (RFRA) in Indiana.  Since then, he's been working with his team to build an online directory and demonstrate inclusion everywhere.


Jillian walker - executive director & board secretary

Jillian is a natural born leader and communicator.  She has spent her career leveraging her leadership and communication skills organizing, managing, advising and assisting some of the most powerful business leaders in Indianapolis. She now spends her days as an integral part of the High Alpha team, an Indianapolis-based venture studio. Jillian is a native of Virginia, a graduate of Radford University and a converted Hoosier.  Outside of her work-life, Jillian is a devoted wife and a mother to a sweet boy. In addition Jillian users her motivation skills as a sought-after barre Pilates instructor.  Jillian is passionate about giving back and has previously volunteered with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, and Noble of Indiana.

Kyle19_headshot - Kyle Graden.jpg

Kyle Graden - Director of community engagement & education

Kyle is passionate about removing the barriers and pressures of gender biases so that everyone is able to be their authentic self while participating in the global economy. Kyle has led employee resource groups at a Fortune 500 company, worked for federal and state government agencies focused on economic development, and was a lead volunteer in the Freedom Indiana campaign while attending college. 


eric Goldman - chief technology officer

Eric is the lead architect of the Open for Service Directory and mobile applications. He has previously worked with organizations like Children's Bureau to improve various aspects of their technical offerings.  With a few lines of code, Eric has provided a great way for people to find comfort during these times and is continuously working on new ways to better connect our community. 


Ami Roembke - director of partnerships & alliances

Ami is the Chief Operating Officer of an IT Services company and has been a longtime supporter of Open for Service.  She has worked and served on several non-profit boards. As a woman in technology, she pushes the glass ceiling daily and wants to further diversity initiatives across all industries.