To honor the 241 years the United States of America has been independent, Open For Service is launching a campaign to unite cities across the nation in a commitment to serve everyone. We are calling on 241 cities across the country, representing one city for each year since our great nation won its freedom, to join this ambitious campaign. Help us create a community that firmly stands against discrimination, and exists regardless of current legislation, at all times.


When a city or state even has the perception of passing discriminatory legislation, it’s small business that suffers most. Local businesses can’t afford to lose talent, many rely on tourism, and it’s not easy to simply change locations. Open For Service exists to give these business a fighting chance and help cities show they are inclusive to everyone by elevating the places that commit to full inclusion.


Our global directory and sticker raise awareness for the places that demonstrate a commitment to serving everyone, regardless of their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, faith, political affiliation, nor any combination of those facets of identity. Our users are making the choice to focus on elevating the places that serve everyone.

Contact Kyle Graden, our Director of Community Engagement & Education, at, to see how we can join forces to provide the world’s the largest directory of diversity supporting businesses.